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Fly From Frustrations

Immense Flickering of discontentment, involved agony of being widowed. Feelings of resentment, sorrow and heart ache settled by new hobbies. Flavoursome dreams creating urges to pursue, new challenges and openings lying ahead. Thriving with joy, ambition and discipline, glowing to surrounding others. Complications sudden to appear, conducting a flame for frustrations. Holding on to momentsContinue reading “Fly From Frustrations”

The Calming Water

The trickling of rain running down the drain pipe, or the crashing of the waves hitting the sea wall. Water can create a sensation of tranquility, the sounds of a waterfall or a flowing river. Tranquility as it acts like white noise for the surroundings, calming the world and making it seem slow paced inContinue reading “The Calming Water”

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