DIY wall paneling

This wall paneling took some time to plan organise, our first choice was to create the square wall paneling all the way up the wall however this couldn’t work due to the skirting boards being too narrow at the top so a plank of wood wouldn’t sit flat against it and its a lot of work to get new skirting for the wall.

To help decide on a design I searched the internet and through home and design magazines which are amazing! so much inspiration! I found that the design and went for it. We measured the wall and worked out that we could make 4 large rectangles being 1 meter long by 60cm height on our wall which is just over 5 meters long. Once we worked out the sizing of everything, we headed to Wickes and B&Q to get the wood and the paint, making sure that it was the correct paint for the wood.

Back at home:

We started with a blank wall and measured just above 1/3 of the wall and drew a straight line all the way across measuring to the top of where the dado will sit. I then painted the wall grey up to the line and left it to dry. While the paint was drying we cut the wood the correct sizes for the dado, this included making a 45 degree cut at the end and the beginning of the next piece to slot the 2 together hiding the join. Fitting it on the wall involved an adhesive and a nail gun with nails.

The next job was working out and cutting the 4 rectangles out of the wood, this also involved cutting a 45degree angle at each corner to make the joins fit nicely together. We used Wickes plastic angle devise. Once they were cut we stuck them down with adhesive and nails, this was tricky to keep the joins together and making sure that it was leaving the same gap from the skirting board to the rectangle as the rectangle to the bottom of the dado. Always draw on the wall in pencil first and use a tape measure and spirit level.

After everything was stuck on the wall, It was time to fill in the cracks, holes, marks which was left by inserting nails. I used a quick drying filler so that I could sand it later that day with a sanding block and sand paper, it is very hard to get the sand paper into all areas of the moulding as the moulding has small creases.

The sanding took a while, just because I was trying to be careful and didn’t want to sand too much off, I also had 2 young children wanting loads of attention so I was half sanding and then attending to the needs of my children. When I finally finished the sanding I then relaxed and painted all of the wood the next day in white wood paint after taping up the wall in frog tape, I also gave the grey a touch up coat as I needed to wipe areas of the white paint which was spilt onto the grey. The paneling was then complete and Wall paper time which was a whole new job!

Equipment needed:

  • Saw
  • Wickes multi-function degree saw box
  • Dado
  • Moulding
  • Wood Paint
  • Wall Paint
  • Adeshive 
  • Nail gun and nails
  • Filler
  • Sand paper/sanding block 
  • Frog tape
  • spirit level
  • pencil/pen
  • tape measure

I hope you have enjoyed reading my DIY paneling

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