Starting the journey to blogging.

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In 2021 the perfect way to express how you feel is by blogging, it can all be written down and forgot about and there may even be people in the same position sharing views and supporting each other through likes and comments to create a loving and caring community. This was my first thought about blogging and I’m hoping that it will be as positive as I imagine.

Now a little about me,

Hi I’m Jess, I live with my husband and 2 children in a suburban part of England. My interests include interior design, colourful clothing and educating children as I work in a school and preschool.

This is my first day blogging so fingers crossed I’m doing it right. I want to share my easter holidays so far, starting with how bizarre the weather has been! I have seen snow, Gail force winds and a heat wave all in the same week, its like a roller coaster just for us.

Easter activities so far include:

  • – eating chocolate! Loads of chocolate, my children kept saying chocolate on repeat as they were so excited.
  • – walks around the local community to spot the Easter eggs in order to enter into a prize draw.
  • – sun bathing on the hot sunny days, where as on the cold days we chill put indoors.
  • – colouring and painting Easter activities just to create mess! We love mess
  • – looking through children magazines, doing the activities and stickers go everywhere.
  • – we created our own Easter egg hunt in the house, I had to point out where the eggs were as my children couldn’t find them even though they were right in front of them. My children are 3 and 1 years old so I can’t blame them needing help.
  • – I personally have a secret stash of chocolate just for myself, hidden on top of the fridge, fantastic hiding place!

Well today I dragged my children out of the house at 8.30am to go for a walk in the snow! It was snowing and their dad was sleeping from a night shift in bed. The walk was freezing and felt like -2°c outdoors, we managed an hour before moaning started. I’m now outdoors again at 1pm in the warm sun, occasional chilly wind sitting and starting my blog while the children play nicely together in the garden. They are actually sharing toys! Wow!

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3 thoughts on “Starting the journey to blogging.

  1. Hi, Nice to meet you Jess. I feel lucky to conversing with you because we can learn so many beautiful things from each other.
    Happy Blogging 😊💐💐

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      1. Keep dreaming. Be hopeful. Especially, tell your children beautiful imaginative stories.


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