From the Floor to the Wall- DIY Art Wall

Hanging art and pictures on the wall can seem daunting to work out where to place them all and figure out the best positions and look for the room and wall they are being displayed on. I personally found this daunting at first, I felt it needed people holding the art up so I could stand back and visualise. That wasn’t an option so I thought about making the sizes of the art up with paper and sticking it to the wall.

The paintings have colours in to match the navy and mustard yellow room decor and theme as the frames of the paintings are the same style to incorporate the wall paneling and create a flow throughout the room. This room is still a work in progress and some soft furnishing and lighting are in the process of change. To find colours that complimented each other I used a colour wheel chart and chose the opposite colours. The 3 oil paintings came from a private seller on ebay, choosing a theme of woodland, and water. The other painting I have is a gift from my friend and I find that it really suits the room.

The current Lounge

The woodland Painting and the cottage paintings were hung by holding the painting against the wall to find out where it looked best, the painting was then tilted forward in order to pull the string up and mark the middle point of the string where it would sit on a screw. The painting was then put on the floor and a hole was drilled into the wall for a wall pull to be inserted with a screw sticking out. The painting was then hung on the wall by the string attached to the back of the painting and the screw which it sat on. 

Gift from friends

When the painting gift from friends was being hung I had to place it on the wall and mark the top of the painting with a pencil of where it was going to sit on the wall. I then took the painting off the wall and used a tape measure to work out how big the wood was to make 2 marks in that place which became the place to drill the holes. I drilled a hole on the left and right side where the painting would sit to keep it level as it doesn’t have a string connected. After I drilled the 2 holes I put a wall plug into both and then a screw sticking a little bit out for the painting to sit on. I made sure it was level afterward with a spirit level that sat on top of the painting once it was on the wall.

The equipment which is needed to hang Paintings and photos includes:

  • Drill
  • wall plugs
  • screws
  • spirit level
  • pencil

Remember to check how the paintings and photos are hung as it may change the method of hanging slightly.

I hope you enjoy this blog

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