One of the things that keep us going, with each experience or lesson the knowledge grows.

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Like a continuous learning process, it happens everyday. Sometimes learning can be hard, it can cause pain along the way hidden in the obstacles lying ahead. Other times learning can be pleasant through experiencing rich events. The objectives may not be learnt the first time around, it may take many attempts. Your mind will grow, it will become a tree of knowledge. Learning from birth until your last breathe, good and bad makes the soul of the beholder.


Create fresh learning adventures, not forgetting the previous ones already learnt. Go for challenges that inspire you, don’t be afraid to leave the past behind to open new doors.

I learnt today, about authority and my impact on the children I teach at the school. Today was the first day back after half term, I decided to be aware of myself and my surrounding and noticed that I can give the children one look and it only takes one child to notice to create a wave of silence throughout. This look was a disappointed look with a raised eyebrow, all of the children noticed, went silent and was ready to listen within 40 seconds, that was record timing. I also learnt that being an authority figure is challenging, people will get upset or disapprove of the choices.

Open up your mind to the possibilities of learning.

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5 thoughts on “learning

  1. Understanding your students can help you. We can direct talk with the people to overcome awkward situation. Good luck Jessy.

    Learning is worthy.

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