Couple Time and Deep Conversations

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“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”

Linda Lambert,

Busy lifestyles can make it challenging to find time as a couple, it can become part of the routine and then to relationship can drift away as there isn’t much shared time or conversations. It is extremely important to create connections and keep the flame to stay on the same page which each other.

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This week I played monopoly with my husband after the children went to bed, we ordered pizza and played. The game didn’t last long as we were starving and concentrated on eating the pizza once it arrived. During our time playing monopoly we started laughing as we both kept landing on the chance and was anxious of what the card was, hoping that it wasn’t going to be a card to put us in jail or take any money. It was a fun and enjoyable game and lead to us talking about random memories of the past including the hard times which have been in our life. We put the game away and spend over 2 hours talking about our past, the future, our hard times and our hopes and dreams and it made me realise why I fell in love with my husband, creating the connection stronger which could have faded away if we ignored our couple time.

Deep conversations can pull at a variety of emotions, it can bring back the depressing feelings of the past, all of the hurt and struggle. It can bring back feelings of regret and anger. It can also bring back happy and sad emotions, like remembering the life and lose of someone very close. Having deep conversations shows vulnerabilities, it shows the other person how you feel about the subjects of the conversation. When you show your vulnerabilities to the people around you it helps them better understand the true person. Deep conversations promote change, they can change the direction of the paths what lie ahead, opening up can support suffers of mental health by helping others understand the reasons and struggles. It helps create close emotional bonds and togetherness between the people having the conversation, It will be a bond like no-one else knows. Having deep conversations enables people to fight the problems together.

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

Deep conversations …

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