A Child’s Mind- Defence

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

Peacefully in their own world, expressing their imagination while being creative. Nothing can get better than this, moving cars around the sky like airplanes or sticking buttons on paper to interpret flower. Their wishes all coming true, exploring new possibilities to bring extra joy to life. Their abundance of energy creates such a lovely yet chaotic atmosphere with their friends all around.

A moment passes, their is devastation, a massive tidal wave has taken the warm light away and their heart turned into a sinking ship with deep emotion, turning angry, and destroyed. They shut down leaving their happiness behind, creating a huge wall of defence that has instantly risen. No! their answer for every question, No!

Running away when they hear their name, hiding behind furniture trying to find any cover of safety while they feel their defence. Once found they stand still, standing their ground. No! No! No! time passes and they still say no, its hard work being a so disheartened. Not knowing what to do next so they carry on with the defence, this is my new safety.

If only someone listened!

Support before its too late, a child’s mind is precious. A child may turn into defence from anything such as another child hitting them, calling them names or taking a toy. A child may be in defence for more serious reasons which needs recognising to enable the child to get support and be the happiest that they can be during that time of their life.

Adults can be the child’s voice!

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