Blossom with Nature, Freedom and Happiness

Nature is an important part of the atmosphere, it provides nourishment, oxygen and power. Nature is a natural tool to enhance the wellbeing of individuals by providing relaxation and the has the equipment for survival. Taking time in nature can give a sense of freedom and bring pleasure in a way of joy and happiness.

Today I went to an unused WW2 aerodrome which is local to where I live, I went with my husband and 2 children to have a peaceful walk and picnic. We spend 3 and a half hours there walking, exploring, playing and eating.

During our time out we extended our curiosity, observing and exploring the surroundings, we found an air raid bunker, 2 hangers, 2 lakes and a lorry scales with steps. The children displayed resilience as they scootered around 7.4km and had a lovely picnic with some treats. The sceneries were beautiful, we enjoyed the company of each other with laughter and fun and created happy memories letting our souls fly freely. We noticed the quiet things like the birds singing, butterflies traveling and the sounds and views of the trees rustling. We revisited history as I taught my children about air raid bunkers, seeing their fascination with the environment on their faces. The lorry scales created a child-initiated playground, using the ramps with there scooters and running across the scales listening to their own footsteps. Wild animals were spotted as a heir ran across the field ahead of us, supporting the respect and kindness required to maintain nature.

The reason for my blog is to give an example of how time in nature can help someone to blossom. It has given time to reflect and relax as there was no clock watching and It was about living in the moment, being grateful for being alive, with loved ones and in nature which brings happiness, freedom and the environment to blossom.

Nature can bring tremendous benefits to your souls, letting it escape from the stresses of everyday live. Give love to yourself and let your soul breathe, bringing back emotions that may not have been felt for too long. Be grateful for being alive and spend time in nature as it could be the route to achieve happiness.

Its your turn to blossom in Nature!

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