Absorb or Digest

“What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see.”

Jean Piaget

A child, the innocent and denial being

So clueless yet so proud

Displaying openness to all creatures

No barrier can be found

Searching through the wild, finding you home

Where is the guidance?

Mummy, Daddy, help me I’m all alone

Hearing the calls, evil approaches

Taking the child with a breathe

Praying on their insecurity

Oh how awful you should be arrest!

Managing to escape to safety

Never letting the experience out

Going back to life

Less innocent and not knowing how to shout!

Children absorb information very easily and quickly. I wish for no child to suffer pain of any kind however life can be cruel to individuals which is truly heartbreaking and detrimental to their health. Let’s support individuals positively to promote kindness and respect.

Share your thoughts! I would love to read them!

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9 thoughts on “Absorb or Digest

    1. Thank you for the appreciation. Every child needs support, just in different ways. An adult needs to be the children’s advocate, a thoughtful and kind soul to see the suffering which the child has or is going through and guide them away to safety. It is difficult to protect and care for children who have seen or been through too much.

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      1. Yes, but it is like a chain. The adult felt that as a child so they now they are doing to their children. We as fellow humans can be kind to them so that there may be a positive paradigm shift as an adult.

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      2. That is interesting and a very good idea. I didn’t considered the chain affect from the adults having suffered and how it can impact the children of today. Thank you for your opinion, my awareness had grown.

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    1. I just want to be the voice for children. Some children don’t know how to get help and its so sad. I must have a look at your post, I’m intrigued. I will pop over to your blog tomorrow when I have lots of time to sit and really engaged and take it all in. Silence can destroy.

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      1. This is exactly what I have written about the silence and the reasons behind them why they put up silence , what is easily told and made them to accept at that young age , why and how can they break away from it.

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