Opening the Mind

Unlocking and opening the mind to become more receptive and explore further possibilities of prosperity. To achieve such open mindedness patience must be reached alongside a compassionate and dedicated energy to develop.

When the mind is unlocked it creates a multitude of doors awaiting to be open through curiosity of what they hold. New information can provide scope for development, leading to the strength, success and a satisfying role in life.

An open mind questions many things, embracing the wrongs along the journey and embarking on new adventures. Reflection is a function no-one should live without, it provided opportunities for learning and growth.

An Unlocked and Open Mind can be achieved in many ways:

  • A calm environment with room for relaxation, reflection and meditation
  • consider the unconscious knowledgeable mind, aligning both with the conscious through time in peaceful places such as nature and harness some meditation, pause for curiosity in the moments available
  • allow the heart to feel and express emotions, both suffering the hurt and pleasurable joy. It creates a sense of whole, an understanding from exposing its vulnerabilities and provides support to the wellbeing.
  • Praying, the intention you wish and there may be guidance and support achieved and returned.
  • reading and researching ways of self-improvement, even just reading fiction or non-fiction.
  • Perseverance , giving up will prevent the powers of the unknown

“Books open your mind, Broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can”

William Feather

“You are free, close your eyes. Open your mind. Let this music in, and you will see that this is true. “

John Frusciante

Creativity supports an open mind, be creative and let the imagination flow.

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