Toddler Birthday at Home!

A toddler birthday party at home is a great idea, the house could be filled with presents and decorations and there could be an abundance of party food, games and even better a bed for the toddler to crash on when they need a nap. The comfort of having familiar surroundings gives the toddler an excuse to get excited, mess the house up and enjoy themselves for the day. It provides opportunities for stimulation only concentrating on the presents, food and enjoyable activities but also allows the toddler to go into a mood, have a paddy and throw themselves on the floor if they wish.

Hosting any party can be stressful, even toddler parties as other people and children can judge! Toddlers can be the temperamental, they express joy with one breathe and then annoyance and disappointment with the next. Having the perfect party doesn’t happen when there is a toddler involved, don’t stress and make things easy by having simple food, fun things and a flexibility with the day. Invite people carefully and keep to a minimum to prevent madness, grandparents and one friend or two.

Toddlers bring surprises, they can have seem like they have an interest so lets buy the present, once they receive the present they annoyingly turn their nose up and decide to be interested in something completely different. How! This happened to me yesturday with my daughters birthday, I thought she would be into having a pink birthday hat and a nice Tiara however she throw them on the floor and chose to play with the blue balloon and chalk board. I don’t mind, as long as she is happy, I obviously took the hint of playing with bracelets and wanting a “pretty” plait in her hair all wrong. Toddlers are strong willed! good for them!

what’s your experiences with birthday’s ?

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7 thoughts on “Toddler Birthday at Home!

    1. Thank you, i must admit I do find my son easier, he used to be into anything and now he just tells me his interests and sticks with them. Its easy, anything to do with superheroes, dinosaurs and cars. Wow your daughter sounds like she knows her own kind, good for her, might not be for you though.

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      1. ☺️ Oh I am totally fine with that but feels weird to have house full of dolls , she is growing still she would ask for a doll again . but thats her choice I let her once when possible but have told her not to spoil their faces with her makeup art.

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      2. Oh that has made me giggle. I can imagine a house full of dolls, I wonder if it is a girl thing. My daughter says that all dolls are her babies and treats them like a really one. Your daughter sounds lovely and creative. Bless her, it sounds like she is very caring.

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