To my lovely friend

After the news about Price Phillip it made me think about my own life and my past and one lovely friend of mine. A true friend will be there no matter what, they will support you to be yourself and give guidance without judgement when needed. I hope you believe this is true for me and you.

An open letter for my lovely friend:

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Dear Friend,

I want you to know that I often wonder how I deserve and found you, we have been through so much together over the years, this would be our 11 year of knowing each other, how things have changed.

I believe that you deserve the world but somehow I don’t think you believe it yourself. You have created 2 wonderful children who are sweet, loving and so caring towards other, I am blessed to be there with you. You are the perfect soulmate and I wouldn’t survive without you, you found me at the perfect time, just to help me survive. When you came into my life you changed it for the better, you gave me an escape from my old suffering life and supported me to freedom with you by my side. People need you, I need you! You brighten up everyone’s lives and people are excited and happy to see you.

I remember the first time we reunited, locking eyes and you saying hello, it was truly meant to be. The moment we smiled and realised we were outside of the church when no-one else was around. It was destiny that I survived, you did everything in your power to help. From that moment it became you and me against the world.

You are amazing, I have a special place in my heart from you because, you will hold us when we cry, make us laugh when we are sad, get ready to argue when someone has done us wrong and forgive us for stuff we do when we are mad. The last one has been a hurdle for you to learn as you are stubborn, but that comes with being loyal and your caring nature. You are always there for others, even when they aren’t for you. You don’t hold grudges and you believe in everyone.

The love you have for the ones you love is the most powerful I have ever felt and seen, It is indestructible and unconditional and your 2 children are going to grow up with you being on their side. You get to know your loved ones to the very core, you are beautiful and spread a beautiful shining soul. You are kind and caring, honest and stubborn, funny and intelligent and you don’t let others change you however you change them. You changed me, you supported me to accept the help I needed. Thank You!


A life you helped save


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9 thoughts on “To my lovely friend

    1. Hi Pete, thank you for commenting and viewing my blog. Yes the person did read it and they got very emotional about the tribute, sometimes things are easier to write down and give it to someone than saying it in words to them. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog and I can’t wait to visit and view some more of your pieces. Have a lovely day, its currently 🌞 sunny, Jess

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