Dangerous Emotions

Uncontrolled emotions can endanger individuals physically and spiritually, being tangled at the heart of many problems. A dangerous emotion can start to overtake beings, meaning they will not be in control and they will feel trapped with no control over the emotions. When an emotion is left to there own device, in the wild and unchecked it will be challenging to gain control and it may lead individuals down the path to danger.

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There are different emotions that can turn into dangerous emotions if they are not monitored regularly. The most familiar emotion which people associate with being dangerous is Love, however Envy is the topic today with the detrimental effects that it can have if on the receiving end.

” Envy is an emotion which occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.”

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Aristotle a Greek philosopher defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune, stirred by those who have what we ought to have. Experiencing the emotion envy is the cause of great unhappiness which can destroy oneself or others if it isn’t moderated.

Two types of Envy

Psychologists have suggested that there are two types of Envy:

  • Malicious Envy- Dangerous – this type of Envy is self-destructive and soul destroying, it leads someone to act out purposely in attempt to destroy someone else or to revel in their failure.
  • Benign Envy- there are many outcomes to Benign, there is potential to use it as a tool for self improvement.

Malicious Envy

The dangerous malicious envy provides an angry feeling towards others and the urge to make them suffer in some way. It gives the person feeling envy an immense sense and cluster of negativity which collate and explode into hostile actions. The envious individual attempts and acts hostile towards the other person in attempt to feel happier and positive themselves. To get rid of envy like this creates an illusion and provides temporary and fake happiness. The envious person is sadden and miserable by their envy, it effects them incredibly and the only way they feel they can get happier is to inflict abuse on the people that they are envious of in ways such as emotional abuse and violence. Malicious envy is the killer of positivity within the soul.

Envy slays itself by its own arrows”

The Fresh Quotes

Benign Envy

Benign envy can support self-development through taking a step back and using reflection to work out the causes of envy. Experiencing benign envy can still be painful however there is a desire to achieve the goals what caused the envy, a new gadget, house, change in weight and body composition, job and family. The envy of seeing another person with something that is perceived as a success or goal is a tool which provides motivates to achieve the same thing. Benign envy isn’t a dangerous emotion if under control, it provides hope to the envious individual and it can feel good to be envy of others which a goal that is attainable. self-improvement from benign envy can come in forms of creativity, intelligence through learning and positive behaviour changes.

Examining emotions and overcoming envy

Experiencing emotions are inevitable as it’s part of life as a human being, however it’s important to look after the emotions by examining and staying in control. Overcoming envy can be extremely difficult like any negative emotion, it can take time and sometimes may need the help of professionals to help understand why they feel envy and how to cope and change. Individuals who are envious often have a difficult time understanding how to achieve happiness and their views are skewered, that is why they often direct abuse to the people they are envious of. The individuals perception needs to change to help them understand the true meaning of happiness, satisfaction and fortune with what they do have. When an individual is more aware of their emotions they can keep check of how they feel by examining their emotions by observing how they are behaving and feeling.

“Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has”

Elizabeth O’Connor

See yourself as Individual and see your true worth without worrying about others and their successes, they too may be envy of others or maybe yourself. Concentrate on your own personal growth and development and you will achieve your goals.

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