A parents thoughts to their newborn

That moment,
I found love stronger than anything I knew. 
My senses enlightened with your delicate cry,
my world stood still to meet you.

Purity of your precious skin against my body,
created a time capsule which treasured the sensations.
Tiny perfection laying peacefully in my arms.

Immense urge to protect you, 
preventing any hurt or harming to my darling.
It saddens me that you are struggling,
yet my hands are tied. 

Each moment,
The times you grasp my finger,
make a gorgeous sounds,
have wonderful cuddles and gentle kisses.
Each moment I treasure forever, so heavenly.

As I watch you grow,
my heart melts with each milestone.
your smiles, laughs and noises give me much excitement,
I'm ecstatic and proud.  
Β© 2021, TheBenneys, All Rights Reserved.

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