The Calming Water

The trickling of rain running down the drain pipe, or the crashing of the waves hitting the sea wall. Water can create a sensation of tranquility, the sounds of a waterfall or a flowing river. Tranquility as it acts like white noise for the surroundings, calming the world and making it seem slow paced in a world which is so fast. Giving opportunities to stay in the moment, using senses allowing a meditative state to occur. Listening and watching the raindrops on the window and watching the movements of the drops run down to the ground creates satisfaction and feelings of happiness. Observing the still water of a lake with nature and wildlife gently moving around.

I enjoy the calming effects of water and listening and observe the rain, enjoy walks around lakes and walk by streams and the sea to gain the whole experience to enlighten my senses.

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18 thoughts on “The Calming Water

    1. I have been reflecting over this comment and found that my reply was very short, I didn’t mean for it to be like that and want to give you a better reply now.

      Water views are beautiful, I like how we have that in common, I can even just sit and imagine walking alone the ocean or river. I even like listening to music which has water sounds such as some meditation music with waves and some sort of flowing water. I find waterfalls truly amazing and I can watch all day long.
      I hope you have a nice day

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  1. I love sounds of flowing water. It is so peaceful that flows and take off your negative notions with them.
    For now sometimes I listen to water sounds ambience, just to feel that I can still breathe freely.
    Thank-you for writing this down.

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