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The journey to aspirations….

Perseverance, persist long enough and it becomes a great element of success. In a cave blocked off by rocks. Keep chiseling at the rocks and they will disappear. Flexibility can support achievement of goals, taking different approaches with the same end dream and goal. Learn from the first rock, they can be chiseled and teach the inner strength of the soul the powerful emotions towards the wanted achievement. In a cave, it seems dark and gloomy with little light exposure, its challenging to know where to start on the journey, where to chisel first to get light to escape. Chiseling to get a glimmer of light and hope, a route to the success, a crack of light has appeared, is this the route to success? Let’s start this way, chisel away at this rock to create a more clear route to freedom and success. Another challenge faces ahead, the persisting is getting hard, feelings of doubt and giving up have now arrived and hit. Its time to look back on the journey so far, thinking how many rocks have already been chiseled, this is a minor hurdle, Keep going strong! Yes!! The light is getting brighter and stronger, overwhelmed I must keep going, the obstacles will not defeat me. making noises, it has woken someone up, they are supporting me to achieve my goals, fantastic the goal will be reached quickly. Reflecting over the nights rest, amazed, this is the last rock! It has been an extreme struggle with feelings of an never-ending battle. Finally free from the cave, all of this patience has paid off, the journey of Perseverance.

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Keep going, you will achieve your dreams and goals! Let’s support each other as much as possible to keep the kindness going and to help people struggling to chisel the rocks!

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6 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. I really lived this and a coincidence I just wrote something about this. I like how I get to learn to see even more perspectives as I read your blog , it helps me know more than I do. And best part is you write about same that interests me.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words, it means a lot to me. I really like nature and natural things like caves so I incorporated caves to the idea of perseverance and how it is important to keep going even when their are barriers as they can be broken down and there is a way through to the other side to reach the dreams and goals.

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