The journey to aspirations…. Perseverance, persist long enough and it becomes a great element of success. In a cave blocked off by rocks. Keep chiseling at the rocks and they will disappear. Flexibility can support achievement of goals, taking different approaches with the same end dream and goal. Learn from the first rock, they canContinue reading “Perseverance”

Fly From Frustrations

Immense Flickering of discontentment, involved agony of being widowed. Feelings of resentment, sorrow and heart ache settled by new hobbies. Flavoursome dreams creating urges to pursue, new challenges and openings lying ahead. Thriving with joy, ambition and discipline, glowing to surrounding others. Complications sudden to appear, conducting a flame for frustrations. Holding on to momentsContinue reading “Fly From Frustrations”

The Calming Water

The trickling of rain running down the drain pipe, or the crashing of the waves hitting the sea wall. Water can create a sensation of tranquility, the sounds of a waterfall or a flowing river. Tranquility as it acts like white noise for the surroundings, calming the world and making it seem slow paced inContinue reading “The Calming Water”

A parents thoughts to their newborn

That moment, I found love stronger than anything I knew. My senses enlightened with your delicate cry, my world stood still to meet you. Purity of your precious skin against my body, created a time capsule which treasured the sensations. Tiny perfection laying peacefully in my arms. Immense urge to protect you, preventing any hurtContinue reading “A parents thoughts to their newborn”

Beautiful People

Arising in the world an element not forgotten, special and worthy to some. Covered with immense desires, flavorsome dreams and urges to solve. Spreading unstoppable emotions, dedication to be the best version of themselves. Utilising senses to provide ears to listen, voice to question and offer guidance, touch to release tensions, sufferings and sadness. GrowthContinue reading “Beautiful People”

Peaceful Mind

Peace is the freedom from disturbances giving a sense of tranquility and calmness. Nobody can bring you peace but yourself ralph Waldo Emerson Time is valuable when finding peace, it takes time to heal from wounds. Over time strength grows, finding solutions to diminish disturbances. Peace is displayed both within and through output of tranquility.Continue reading “Peaceful Mind”

Creativity and Imagination- Children’s development

Theorist Lev Vygotsky studied children’s development and he created many theories, one of which is the theory of creative imagination. Creativity and imagination has been found to improve individuals social skills, problem solving and their learning and development as it is a fundamental part of life. The importance of creativity and imagination Imagination is moreContinue reading “Creativity and Imagination- Children’s development”


A lonely person can have many friends. They can seem joyful and happy, yet underneath those delightful coverings is a dark and shattering feeling sucking away their soul, leaving feelings of hopelessness and emptiness. Trying to cover it up with interactions, hoping to make connections, however big or small. Searching for a meaningful and electricContinue reading “Loneliness”