Inspire Others- Share Your Blog !

Hi everyone, I am trying something new. I want to experience and visit different blogs to reach out to others. I am inviting you to share one blog of your on my comment section to see if we can inspire each other and others. Add a link to your blog with a description about theContinue reading “Inspire Others- Share Your Blog !”

Mental Health – Dangerous Emotions

Looking after your own mental health can support and combat any dangerous emotions that are creeping into control. Your own mental health includes your emotions, psychological and social wellbeing. If you are struggling with any dangerous emotions, it can make the life difficult to put yourself first and concentrate on succeeding your own mental health.Continue reading “Mental Health – Dangerous Emotions”

Pause for Curiosity

Have you ever watched children playing, how they are curious for the simplest things. Admiring the birds singing and the wind blowing leaves, seeing their excitement and joy when they have found a worm or cloud the shape of their favourite flower. Observing the purity of their souls, how they find happiness from exploring theContinue reading “Pause for Curiosity”

Narcissistic Mothers: The lasting effects

Growing up with a narcissistic mother who gaslighted and belittled me forced me to find options to escape. My mother was the definition of a narcissist, she had dangerous emotions of being envious, manipulative, lack of empathy, exploits without shame or guilt and living in a fantasy world. I attempted escaping through getting a job,Continue reading “Narcissistic Mothers: The lasting effects”

Dangerous Emotions

Uncontrolled emotions can endanger individuals physically and spiritually, being tangled at the heart of many problems. A dangerous emotion can start to overtake beings, meaning they will not be in control and they will feel trapped with no control over the emotions. When an emotion is left to there own device, in the wild andContinue reading “Dangerous Emotions”

To my lovely friend

After the news about Price Phillip it made me think about my own life and my past and one lovely friend of mine. A true friend will be there no matter what, they will support you to be yourself and give guidance without judgement when needed. I hope you believe this is true for meContinue reading “To my lovely friend”

Opening the Mind

Unlocking and opening the mind to become more receptive and explore further possibilities of prosperity. To achieve such open mindedness patience must be reached alongside a compassionate and dedicated energy to develop. When the mind is unlocked it creates a multitude of doors awaiting to be open through curiosity of what they hold. New informationContinue reading “Opening the Mind”

Absorb or Digest

“What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see.” Jean Piaget A child, the innocent and denial being So clueless yet so proud Displaying openness to all creatures No barrier can be found Searching through the wild, finding you home Where is the guidance? Mummy, Daddy, help me I’m allContinue reading “Absorb or Digest”

Toddler Birthday at Home!

A toddler birthday party at home is a great idea, the house could be filled with presents and decorations and there could be an abundance of party food, games and even better a bed for the toddler to crash on when they need a nap. The comfort of having familiar surroundings gives the toddler anContinue reading “Toddler Birthday at Home!”