The journey to aspirations…. Perseverance, persist long enough and it becomes a great element of success. In a cave blocked off by rocks. Keep chiseling at the rocks and they will disappear. Flexibility can support achievement of goals, taking different approaches with the same end dream and goal. Learn from the first rock, they canContinue reading “Perseverance”

The Calming Water

The trickling of rain running down the drain pipe, or the crashing of the waves hitting the sea wall. Water can create a sensation of tranquility, the sounds of a waterfall or a flowing river. Tranquility as it acts like white noise for the surroundings, calming the world and making it seem slow paced inContinue reading “The Calming Water”

Peaceful Mind

Peace is the freedom from disturbances giving a sense of tranquility and calmness. Nobody can bring you peace but yourself ralph Waldo Emerson Time is valuable when finding peace, it takes time to heal from wounds. Over time strength grows, finding solutions to diminish disturbances. Peace is displayed both within and through output of tranquility.Continue reading “Peaceful Mind”


A lonely person can have many friends. They can seem joyful and happy, yet underneath those delightful coverings is a dark and shattering feeling sucking away their soul, leaving feelings of hopelessness and emptiness. Trying to cover it up with interactions, hoping to make connections, however big or small. Searching for a meaningful and electricContinue reading “Loneliness”

Narcissistic Mothers: The lasting effects

Growing up with a narcissistic mother who gaslighted and belittled me forced me to find options to escape. My mother was the definition of a narcissist, she had dangerous emotions of being envious, manipulative, lack of empathy, exploits without shame or guilt and living in a fantasy world. I attempted escaping through getting a job,Continue reading “Narcissistic Mothers: The lasting effects”

Opening the Mind

Unlocking and opening the mind to become more receptive and explore further possibilities of prosperity. To achieve such open mindedness patience must be reached alongside a compassionate and dedicated energy to develop. When the mind is unlocked it creates a multitude of doors awaiting to be open through curiosity of what they hold. New informationContinue reading “Opening the Mind”

A Child’s Mind- Defence

Peacefully in their own world, expressing their imagination while being creative. Nothing can get better than this, moving cars around the sky like airplanes or sticking buttons on paper to interpret flower. Their wishes all coming true, exploring new possibilities to bring extra joy to life. Their abundance of energy creates such a lovely yetContinue reading “A Child’s Mind- Defence”